ファイナルファンタジー FFXIII JP – Mission 64 "Final Deathstination" (5☆) [HD]

Video recorded by Master LL in HD!
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[ ファイナルファンタジー Final Fantasy XIII ]
Mission 64 “Final Deathstination” (5☆)


Note: Done with the main game.. all that is left is to complete all Missions 5☆ Post-Game style!

Anyways behold.. the final M64 battle and got 5☆!

This wasn’t as crazy as M62 but still it is a tough one if you don’t figure out the patterns and its attacks.

I tried about three attempts that ended with running away because I didn’t like my optima setup or the characters I had.

Originally I had Lightning, Fang and Vanille.. but that didn’t go too well due to the weak healing power. So I switched to Hope (sorry Vanille) and did some accessories fixing.

Max Tier 2 Weapon “Lionheart Series” [Early Break]
ATK +250
Defense +15%
Wind Defense +35%
Genji Gloves

Light is mainly my pure debuffer with Bio, DeProtect and the rest.

Max Tier 2 Default Weapon
ATK +100
Defense +15%
Wind Defense +35%
Genji Gloves

Fang’s goal is to Dispel as well as kick the boss’s ass during break mode.

Max Tier 2 Weapon [Defense Enhance]
MAG +250
Defense +12%
Atk Def + 5%
Wind Defense +35%

Mainly my healer and also dispel if Fang fails to dispel the boss.

{ Why no Best xxx }
Because I don’t need the best accessories, ultimate weapon or whatever to beat the mission. In fact, having the ultimate weapon could make 5☆ harder to obtain.

{ Target Time }
I keep my chars ATK and MAG near each other so even though it may look low compared to having the best gear and stuff.. it also guarantee my Target Time will be low too (since it is based off your highest ATK and MAG).

{ Tactics }
Main goal is to keep Bio on the boss since it helps a lot in lowering its HP since the boss can regeneration its HP.

So basically the pattern is this:

– Boss Attacks
Keep boss fully debuffed
Break boss and try to chain it as much as possible

– Boss Guards
Heal and Enhance
Prepare to debuff after it goes out of Guard mode

– Boss’s Special
Guard or high chance of dying

The lower the HP is, the more offensive it seems to be… honestly I thought I was screwed near the end (since Hope died and you can tell I was nervous with the way I was deciding commands) but luckily Bio finished him too.

So that’s a crapload of trophies earned!
One more trophy to go and I’m 100% with the game… get all equipments and accessories! Bleh…

Upload attempt #4…

System: PS3-JP
1st Gameplay – Post Game

WMV HD format, 8.0Mbps Bitrate, 1280×720, 30fps, WMV7 codec


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