Aʀᴇ Yᴏᴜ Tʜᴇ Oɴᴇ? [ender's game]

(man if I’m still slapping together Ender’s Game music videos with just 3 measly clips right now, I don’t even wanna know how crazy I’ll go with a WHOLE MOVIE to work with later on…)

Song: “Hall of Fame” by The Script
Footage: Ender’s Game Official Trailer –
Battle School Needs You –
Mazer Rackham’s Run –

Those new propaganda videos that were released for Comic Con were awesome and I HAD to play around with them. Sorry if y’all are sick of seeing the same trailer clips over and over but I’m desperate for ender vids and too impatient to wait for more stuff to come out so you’re stuck with this stuff…and I KNOW I KEEP PROMISING TO FINISH MY NEXT HOMESTUCK VIDEO BUT MY ENDER KICK ISN’T GOING AWAY NNNNNGH PLEASE FORGIVE ME SUBSCRIBERS. ;_;

Speaking of…I’m getting super close to hitting the 1,000 subs mark which completely and utterly blows my mind, and I’ve got a special homestuck video in the works for when that happens. And I’ll do my absolute best to finish it in time for you guys to make up for all the ender and motorcity spam. =P


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