Crysis: 10 Years Later

Welcome to Crysis 10 Years Later. I hope you enjoy(ed) it. As I said, I already have videos on Crysis 2 and 3 (And my recently released Destiny 2 critique!), so if you’d like to learn more on the franchise, there’s that. I used the popular “Years Later” format because I thought it was most appropriate for covering these games, I was always going to cover them. I am also Raycevick’s brother. Some stuff I say on the story is also in my Destiny 2 video, but it’s actually a reverse reuse, I made the argument for Crysis, and happened to use it Destiny first.

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Crysis also had a console port the same year C2 came out. Console version combined strength and speed. Decreases skill cap, but speeds the game up. Not a fan. It rips some visual effects from Crysis 2 such as the maximum armour effect, general tightening up, but less foliage due to low RAM on consoles. AI also take a downgrade, the not reacting bug seems to be a huge issue. VTOL mission is removed. Why? Surely the controller would have fixed the control issues that people complained about? No multiplayer. It’s a fair port, nothing to write home about

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As for the music, I use Crysis 1’s contact for the intro, and some Crysis Warhead stuff for the story. Warhead’s soundtrack is only 30 mins, so I used over a third of it in this video. As for the rest, it’s all Crysis 2 stuff, excellent soundtrack, you can find the direct link and listings in my Crysis 2 video.


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