Despacito 3 (Official Minecraft Parody)

thank you so much for 10,000 subscribers. you all are a blessing. I’m gonna leave a long appreciation in the comment section cause no one reads descriptions lmfao. despacito 3? i think so. btw this was so cringey to make that my heart hurted after i watched it from youtube

inspired by FlyingKitty but, minecraft style

Original song:


Images/videos that aren’t mine but I used them anyway don’t copyright me thanks:

(i cant find the hunger bar image but if you created it, pls tell me)


Male or Female (ridiculous question that I get a lot)
I’m a female

How old are you?:
I am 15

☞Social Medias☜:


►Snapchat: reptile_warrior

►Instagram: @reptilelegit (dm me to let me know who you are since my account is private)

if you made it this far in the description, comment “what is lana backwards” to make everyone confused in the comment section.


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