Em Của Quá Khứ (English Version) – You In The Past by Lynk Lee

You in the past (Em của quá khứ English Version) – Lynk Lee
Music: Nguyễn Đình Vũ
Lyrics: Đức Long
Singer: Lynk Lee

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You in the past (Em của quá khứ English Version) Lyrics

Who will be next to you, when I’m not here?
Who will make you wash all your tears?
The perfect life I seek is like a dream
‘Cause for you it’s not everything you need
Do you still know the time when I sang for you?
A song about all the words you told me, oh oh
And now I see what you’ve done to my mind and my heart, please don’t
Say that you’ll leave me

If you’re not by my side, who should I sing all this for?
I know they’re lies, but I still keep believing in you
I tried to show you all my heart, just for you
Because I, you know I loved you so much
So I believe I just can’t forget the time we had
And try to find that old day again
Where are you now, so far from here?
I’ll just live in the past, so I’ll find you


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