Fun Word Twister Game to play with kids! (Part 1)

Very fun Hands & Legs Twister game to play with kids
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This is a very simple game!
Write some Hand or Leg on a A4 size paper, stick it to the floor. We have wrote Hand & Leg in Chinese to let them learn about the Chinese Character.

Ask them to either put 1 or 2 hand or leg on the word/character and and them to move along. It will be quite challenging initially for them to formula the position of hand or leg.
In fact even children up to 7-8 years old will still take some time to adapt and process the best “way” to move along.

It helps them learn the character/word as they train their motor skills and some workout too!

Kids will have a lot of screen time during this time, thus we would like to share some interesting games that parents can play with children during this period.

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and more!

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Please watch: “Fun game to play with children during Circuit Breaker in Singapore! HBL SG “lockdown” | BaoBeiZ ”



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