How to: Create a custom Cockatrice plugin with Magic Set Editor

An updated guide on how to add your custom set from MSE into Cockatrice!

MSE Cockatrice exporter:

Curved Apostrophe for use in image filenames: ‘ (it doesn’t look curved when displayed here on youtube, but that still should be the right one)


1) Install the Cockatrice Exporter
2) Run the Cockatrice Exporter, save cards.xml to your Cockatrice Appdata location
3) Export all card images to a folder with your set abbreviate in the downloadedPics folder.
4) Manually edit all apostrophes and commas into the file names of the images (be sure to use the apostrophe mentioned above, and not the apostrophe on your keyboard)
5) Playtest!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them, here, on twitter (@AdventMTG), or on my blog (

If you’re interested in seeing the advanced video on how to create the self extracting plugin, please say so!


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