Kingdom Hearts 3 Post-Game Part 1: Battlegates 1-7

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Kingdom Hearts 3
Post-Game Part 1: Battlegates 1-7
Difficulty: Proud

The main game is finished. Now the post game begins and boy it’s going to be quite a ride.

I still feel that Kingdom Hearts 3 should have more in terms of content but what we get is at least enough. I will have a video detailing what I want for a Final Mix version of KH3.

For now this is the post-game where I will be covering all the stuff that occurs after beating the game. There will be multiple videos and I do this to show off what activities you get to do and there are many.

In the first part, we will be covering the Battlegates. Battlegates are special areas where you go through an onslaught of various enemies. They are tough and unless you are prepared, you will get absolutely wrecked. It’s a fact. I will be listing in the description the locations of each Battlegate I encounter in here. For anyone wondering, I split the Battlegate bit into 2 parts. This covers Battlegates 1 through 7.

Part 2 of the post-game will cover the rest of the Battlegates 8-13. I’m saving 14 for a separate video. Oh and each completed Battlegate will net you an item plus one of the 13 Secret Reports.

Locations of Battlegates 1-7
Battlegate 1: Olympus – Realm of the Gods
Battlegate 2: Olympus – Real of the Gods Apex
Battlegate 3: Twilight Town – Old Mansion
Battlegate 4: Toy Box – Kid Korral Vents
Battlegate 5: Toy Box – 1st Floor Entrance
Battlegate 6: The Kingdom of Corona – Enclosed area in the Wetlands
Battlegate 7: The Kingdom of Corona – Clearing

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