Surviving with Buildcraft 6, episode 25 – Let's sort that quarry out

Alrighty then. I tire of the quarry. We have been there for a long time now and we are long overdue a trip home. Looking to wrap up our time there we add a sorting room to the area (at last!).

And as always, you lovely people, if you enjoyed the episode, please consider leaving a like and/or a comment. That would be amazing and wonderful of you, thank you 🙂

Buildcraft Forums Blueprints:

Buildcraft 6 mod:
Buildcraft Additions:
NEI Plugins (unofficial):

Minecraft: 1.7.10
Buildcraft 6: 6.2.6
Buildcraft Additions: 1.8.3
Eureka: 1.7.10-2.2
Not Enough Items:
NEI Integration: 1.0.1
NEI Addons:
NEI Plugins:

“Homo roboticus” by Andors


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