Toguard Trail Camera (Product Review)

First impressions
We have a night intruder, and we want to find out who. Or, what!
Browsed through quite a few trail cameras in our search for a good one, and settled on this one partly for the low price, and partly for the features it has. Our two sons and I are determined to find out what is rummaging around our yard at night, and this will hopefully do the trick.
The case feels sturdy and the camera & motion sensor lenses are recessed to prevent scratching etc. It looks really cool in green camo, and comes ready to use.

• Ease of use. Super easy to set up. Insert your own SD card, add batteries (either 4 or 8 AA) and you’re good to go. Almost. You do have to format the SD card before using it for the 1st time, but that is easy to do following the instructions included in the operator’s manual.
• Really good video quality! We included some sample footage here of the trail cam in action.
• IT has a 1/4′ – 20 pitch female screw adapter in the bottom so it can be fastened to any camera-type tripod etc with a 1/4″ male screw adapter (standard size)
• It comes ready to use – the stock settings are fine, but we bumped the video recording time to 30 seconds. (It comes with only 10 seconds)

• Uses a LOT of batteries (this isn’t exclusive to this trail cam however. We found that most trail cams use either 4 or 8 AA batteries) That said, it lasts for up to EIGHT MONTHS with a single set of 8 batteries installed. (We didn’t prove this, but even if it’s only 6 months – we’re happy!)
• The battery port is difficult to open. We left it off, and it works fine without it.

Would have been nice to see…
I would have liked to see more options for mounting the trail cam. The strap works well, but I have seen other options on other trail cams. Yes, I can make my own (and did) but it would be nice to have it included.

Overall weight (without batteries) 232 grams
Overall weight (with 8 batteries installed) 422 grams (8 batteries weigh 190 gms)
Overall dimensions 97mm wide by 137mm tall by 68mm deep (max overall dimentions)
Dimensions of video screen 48mm X 36mm

The video quality from this little trail camera is quite good. It’s motion sensing capabilities are also very good. It comes with the sensitivity set to “medium” which we found to be perfect. Picked up mice, squirrels, people but didn’t go off for every little spider etc. It really works well and for the price, is a very good deal if you are looking to catch something, or someone, in action. We will update this review as necessary, and as always, if have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us directly. Cheers!


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